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Online learning is now more popular than ever with millions of students signing up for various courses. But even as the medium becomes popular, there are several misconceptions that people have come to believe.

Every year millions of students sign up for online classes, yet only a few thousand manage to complete them. They either have an unrealistic expectation of the medium or are not suited for it.

Most students who ask me ‘where can I take my online class?’ are the ones who are struggling to complete assignments on time and are often running from one deadline to another.

Traditional colleges are facing considerable challenges in the form of budget cuts and course shortages, making students search for alternatives. Online education has become a popular outlet for students looking for a change of pace.

Life for online students is full of challenges — they’re constantly juggling too many things at work, home, and school. They put in a ridiculous amount of time to complete work without realizing how much little work they’ve managed to get done. The problem is that a vast majority of us do things without focus and are hence always bombarded with deadlines.

While millions of students sign up for online courses, not everyone knows that they can be difficult. There exists the misperception that online learning is easy and self-paced.





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